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Reconnect a Ram

Originally posted by brebleats at Reconnect a Ram
Hello Friends!

First, the tl;dr version: laptop died and because of medical reasons I need to apply to new jobs. If you would like to donate my PayPal address is: BleatsByBre @ gmail dot com. If PayPal asks you to put in a shipping address please select no shipping required unless you donate $25+ because you will receive a "SnootieBoop" magnet, like the one shown here:


Please also include your fandom name in the notes section!

If you cannot afford to donate money at the time, that is ok! If you would still like to help please share this journal however you wish (retweets, reblogs, whatever is most convenient for you!). Those who do will be entered into a raffle to also receive a magnet.

Because yeah, magnets!!

For those who would like the full background of what is going on, please read on!

I spent the last week of August 2014 in the hospital and left with both the news that I had a non functioning thyroid and the pain that I went to the ER for in the first place. I was placed on medication to try and get my thyroid to start working again, pain medication that makes me pretty much nonfunctional, and I made some very huge lifestyle changes to try and support healing anyway I can. The thyroid issue is super manageable and was easy to solve, however the constant pain is still in place and my doctors feel that I am possibly facing a very deep hernia. I have appointments in upcoming weeks to investigate this further (ultrasound, CT scan, meeting with surgeon). These were the first availible dates, though I am on "standby" lists in case there are any cancellations.

Unfortunately, my current job keeps me on call 24/7 and there are days when I'm at the office for a good thirteen hours or so. More easy to deal with when you don't feel like you're being stabbed in your lower gut. While they are giving me half days this week as I am dealing with my new medication and managing the pain (to the best of their ability. I've already had to work longer than scheduled), it is becoming apparent that this type of schedule is detrimental to my health. As of right now, the company cannot give me any futher information besides the fact I am "in the red" and that they don't know what else to offer me or if they can offer anything else at this point. There is no solid answer from HR or my managers. There is a very real chance of me losing my job. Meanwhile they just want to know when I can get back on the full oncall schedule. Understandable but frustrating.

I need to look for new job however, I am currently without a personal computer to do so and (for obvious reasons) I cannot use my work computer. I cannot leave my current company without a job to transfer to and leaving California would be extremely detrimental to my mental health, something that I've been working very hard on and have improved in leaps and bounds. Returning to Connecticut is not an option and I do not know where else I would go. My support base is in California and having to leave would undo a year of very hard work.

At the beginning of August, my MacBook Pro died. The cost to repair it is not that far off from the price of a new one. Within the same week, I accidentally left my iPad in the seat back pocket of an early morning flight. The airline has not found it yet. I have been living on my phone, and a tablet generously lent to me from a friend, for the last month. 

I am running this campaign to save up for a new 13" MacBook Pro. Any extra money I make will go towards a new iPad so that I can rebuild my former digital art workstation. With my new laptop, I will be able to apply to a new job that will be a better fit for my adjusted life, as well as give me a little extra time to work on my medical issues.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I will be posting the majority of updates on Twitter @brebleats but some will show up here too.

And thank you for reading, donating and/or sharing my story. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Traveled north from Washington State to Vancouver BC to attend VancouFUR 2013 last Friday. I've made many trips across the border for vacation and recreation--uneventful border crossings and never expected to be treated like a criminal by Canadian Customs. I was driving my Toyota Camry and had my friend Eternally Cloudy along. Car was loaded with typical stuff for a con, 3 fursuits, assorted clothing, two laptop computers, two digital cameras and a couple of smart phones. Anyway, we were pulled in. Over the course of better than 2 hours we were searched, the car was searched, everything in the car was dumped out in piles and pawed through and then randomly tossed back. Our computers were hauled in, accessed--who knows what information they copied and stored away (I was threatened with arrest because I was so rattled that I couldn't remember the randomized password quickly enough.) They turned on and accessed both phones (they had been turned off at the border.) They even removed and examined the camera memory cards. What did they find with all this--NOTHING. The lead agent even had the gall to "welcome" us to Canada after they were through (with a grin on his face.) I probably should have turned around at that point but we repacked the fursuits and everything and furried on. Anyway, lesson learned: we don't want you up here, stay in the USA where you belong. So, I won't be back for VancouFUR 2014. In fact, I really don't think I'll consider crossing the Canadian border again (at least not in this lifetime.) Oh, and as I foot note, I realize these customs people have a job to do but like the TSA folks, a little "power" seems to go to their heads prevailing over any common sense approach to the job.


Just a quick update. Most probably will be getting layed off from my job of 14 years as the company consolidates and moves away. Starting to organize a job search and also cutting expenses for a period of unemployment. Most likely means no FC for me this year--sad coon. Trying to stay upbeat about the layoff and look at it as more of an opportunity to seek a job closer to the coon nest and maybe one I might be more content doing.

On a happier note, attended a Furlife NW Meetup http://www.meetup.com/furlife/ at a Build a Bear store over the weekend. Was good to see old friends and meet a couple of new ones. Fursuited for several hours in the store, greeting and entertaining store and mall customers, raised my mood about 100% and was really glad I made the effort to go.

Writer's Block: Scary movie

What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?
Day of the Triffids

Life is good.....

Life is good... Had one of those extraordinary experiences that I would never would have had without being a furry. I want to thank my friend Eternally Cloudy for helping me make a duct tape dummy! Somehow, being mummified in duct tape boosted me out of a winter depression--maybe it's the thought of good things to come down the way.

I voted!

Lost Friends

A journal post by Tanidareal got me thinking of some of my 4 leggers that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge http://www.ashestoashes.com/rainbow_bridge_poem.htm

Bluedog and Corkey, about 1995. Blue was my first dog, a pup from the county animal control, who lived to the ripe old age of 16. Corkey came along when I moved into my house in Tacoma, a companion for Blue. Cork came from EARS, the Equal Animal Rights Society, picked out at a Pet-a-Thon at one of the local feed stores. He was about 15 when his body failed him.

Another pic of Cork finishing my morning tea. True friends, lost to the sea of time but never forgotten.

Dinner and a Nap

August Update

Its been about a month since my abdominal surgery and while I wondered for a while, my life is returning to normal (at least as normal as it gets for the raccoon.) I should be released to go back to work in a couple of weeks (still dealing with some lifting restrictions.) I'd like to thank everyone that checked in and kept my spirits up, means a lot to me. Should be back to 100% well before Rainfurrest.

Back home again!

I'm back home after a week in the hospital to have a splenic aneurysm removed. It was a long, open surgery of about 4 and a half hours--surgeon seemed pleased with his work. Anyway, it took a lot out of me and I'm glad for the heavy duty pain meds although they leave me pretty spacey and its hard to concentrate on anything for long.........